Isabelle from France, Triple-negative breast cancer

As you know, triple negative breast cancer is hard to treat and prognosis is often poor. But luckily, new advances have been made in cancer immunotherapy to help people with this diagnosis. Unfortunately, not everybody meets the criteria to enter clinical trials using new immunotherapeutics. We are happy to share Isabelle‘s encouraging experience at our clinic and we are so happy she is doing so well! In France she could only be offered palliative chemo and now she has achieved complete remission after 5 months of combined treatments Congratulations!

Isabelle, France:
“I was diagnosed at age 40 with a stage II triple negative cancer in both breasts, with BRACA mutation. Despite the heavy treatments I received successively (neoadjuvant chemotherapy, mastectomy and lumpectomy, adjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy), my cancer continued to progress very rapidly and metastasized to different parts of the body (liver, bones and ganglions). At this stage, I was proposed a palliative chemotherapy to slowdown the evolution of the disease, provided that my body was responsive to it. I had heard of a promising treatment with immunotherapy for triple negative breast cancer. But the only way to obtain this treatment in France was to integrate one of the clinical trials. Unfortunately they were refused because I did not fit the criteria of the studies. Thus, after launching a crowdfunding campaign, I decided to go to Germany in november 2018 for new treatment options. Indeed, I knew a french patient with a diagnosis very close of mine who was successfully treated there. After less than 5 months of targeted immunotherapy and personalised treatment in Hallwang combined with a chemotherapy in France, I am now in complete remission. Youpi !”