Head & Neck tumor

“After sending our medical notes and having the first Phone call with Dr Nolting, I knew if anyone could help us he could! He spoke perfect English but way too fast -the passion in his voice to save my husband was astounding, he explained thoroughly over and over until I 100{46e4709d9f8630425b72e0272d214d30fa43d8c3179cf36521bbc34ae5d7f24f} understood the medical Jargon!

On our first of many visits to this tiny place In what felt like the middle of nowhere we were pleasantly surprised at lack of grandeur! This place was homeley, and welcoming the girls were all friendly yet knew every last detail down to a tee and gave a new meaning to the word efficiency. My husband had been told he wouldn’t make Christmas, we were heartbroken vulnerable and naive however that soon changed to positive, informed and hopeful! Results on nicks first scan only 9 weeks into treatment proved we’d made the best decision! Nicks tumors in his liver had totally gone along with his lungs and four out of five bones were all tumor free with the last in his shoulder been greatly reduced in size! – we’re ecstatic! Not only do I feel so grateful my husband will be around to watch our 3 year old twins grow up but I’m grateful we found this quirky little place and we were handled with hope and genuine care. If my husbands results hadn’t have been as amazing as they are I would have still maintained that every single person At the Hallwang boosted his spirits and gave him the lift he needed to keep fighting this truly awful disease- keep doing what your going guys love the Dippers xx”