Update on Minkara N., Refractory relapsed stage IV ovarian cancer


We would like to share the wonderful news with you that Minkara, who was diagnosed with refractory relapsed Stage IV ovarian cancer, is now 4 years in complete remission under immunotherapy. Minkara N., was diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer, and after surgery she received chemotherapy – Taxol, Avastin, Gemcitabine and Caelyx. Unfortunately, MRI showed persistent pelvic metastasis and so Minkara came to the Hallwang Clinic for further treatment. Initially, in 2013, a transarterial chemoembolization was performed and she received antibody treatment, whereupon remission status was reached. Treatment was escalated to different checkpoints on several occasions together with further specific immunotherapy (tumor tissue was analyzed thoroughly before treatment). Minkara reached complete remission in 2015, and four! years later we are happy to confirm that she is still in complete remission. We are so happy that targeted cancer immunotherapy has been working for you, Minkara!