Update on Matthew from Australia, Sarcoma

About a year ago we posted Matt´s story, a young gentleman with a rare type of sarcoma, who travelled with his mother Jennifer all the way from Australia to us! Back then he said ” Everything was laid out before me, and I was offered a targeted approach, something which had not been offered to me previously. After two visits to the clinic I saw and felt a noticeable difference with my tumors. It is safe to say that the targeted has worked in my case, and I’m very pleased with the results.”

So now, one year later, we wanted to see how he was going and how he is responding to treatment. We are so happy to hear from Matt´s father that Matt and his family „ are pleased with the progress, Matt has returned to work as an Engineer doing 3 days a week and living independently approximately three hours away from our home. Matt appears to be healthier and has gained some weight (now 54kg).” Matt and his family are grateful for the” live saving contribution to Matthew’s survival he received by your wonderful Doctors and medical staff.”

We are happy to hear that the last PET scan reveals that “overall most lesions have shown a reduction in size or avidity”.

Matt, we wish you and your family all the best for the future and the best treatment outcome possible.