KA. Wants to stay anonymous, renal cell carcinoma

One of our patients, KA (wants to stay anonymous) was diagnosed with metastatic renal cell carcinoma in 2006. After nephrectomy and a tyrosine kinase inhibitor for a year he was symptomfree for 8 years, but then unfortunately developed recurrent disease with lung metastases in 2014, followed by a segment resection of the lung on two occasions. After this, he turned to us for further diagnostics and treatment, a Next-generation Sequencing and screening for tumor antigens (TAA screening) was performed on his tumor tissue to find out more about the genetic characteristics of his tumor tissue and surface markers, which revealed several tumor targets. KA then received targeted immunotherapeutic treatment. A PET scan beginning of 2016 showed no evidence of disease. Unfortunately, later that year the patient developed brain metastasis, which was successfully treated. A new diagnostic screening of the tumor tissue was performed, and the patient again received targeted treatment specifically directed against the targets found on the new tumor tissue. Fortunately, more than one year later now KA is still in remission, showing the durable tumor response to immunotherapy. His last scan was just performed last week, which confirmed no evidence of disease. We are so happy for you, KA!